adj. relating to or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

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About Me

Hey hi howdy! I'm Silas and I'm currently learning how to live for a living. I'm a 29 year old queer polyam nb transman who uses he/they/it pronouns. I'm originally from Appalachia but currently living in the Midwest with my nesting partner of almost 10 years. I also have another partner who lives in the South! I'm a nationally certified retail pharmacy technician by trade who wound up in said trade completely by accident, but loves to learn about it! I'm also an amateur witch whose practice is limited by chronic/mental illness, but I'm still trying! Some of my other interests are pro wrestling, Furbys (see my collection here!!), Beanie Babies, Twitch streamers Jerma985 and wayneradiotv, American gothic (esp Appalachian, Southern, Midwest), TTRPGS, the horror genre, video games, music... World's #1 Yeti: A Gay Love Story Fan. Blocked by @dril on Twitter (posted during hell hour). Lover of opossums.

I also have a furbsona, as seen to the upper right! Their name is Prophet, and they're, well, a prophet! Dubbed "Kinda alright" by wayneradiotv, circa 2020. You can learn more about them here!

Video Games

Arknights 🗴 Disco Elysium 🗴 Ace Attorney 🗴 Zero Escape (999, VLR, ZTD) 🗴 Metal Gear Solid 🗴 AITSF 🗴 Kentucky Route Zero 🗴 We Know The Devil 🗴 Dragon Age 🗴 Hypnospace Outlaw 🗴 TRAUMAKT~4.SEXE


NBC Hannibal 🗴 Yeti: A Gay Love Story 🗴 NOPE 🗴 Murder Party 🗴 The Lighthouse 🗴 Sweeney Todd (1982) 🗴 Re-Animator 🗴 The Matrix 🗴 RRR 🗴 Wild Zero 🗴 Everything Everywhere All At Once


Black Dresses 🗴 Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show 🗴 Dog Park Dissidents 🗴 elliotly 🗴 I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME 🗴 Jhariah 🗴 Nine Inch Nails 🗴 Patient Zero 🗴 Priest 🗴 Rabbit Junk 🗴 The Mountain Goats 🗴 the pAper chAse 🗴 Will Wood

Other Places To Find Me

Say you like my content, and want to find me places other than here: I got ya! Below are some of the other places on the web you can find me!

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