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short and simple little one page blog. zonelets is nice but 2 many steps for me to update consistently, hence: this! click to view older entries or don't i'm not ur boss.

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May 12, 2024

ah fuck where did the time GO. god. i want to update this more than once a month but it's really looking like it'll be, uh, maybe about once a month lol. anyway, let's see. went to an indie wrestling show (two in fact) (one of which ended up being the promotion's last show unfortunately) and enjoyed it immensely, as always. one of the shows was on the funny weed day. it was also the birthday of a very important person to me who passed a few years ago at the beginning of the month and i'm still mildly wracked with guilt that i didn't do anything for it... what else. got obsessed with a lim operator in arknights (who Thankfully i already pulled) bc the event fleshed her out a ton and i love her and her autistic brother. i also got some neato art of prophet, some cute lil icons!! gonna upload those here in a minute. work has been... Fine. y'know. it's what it is. i guess i'm really looking forward to the summer bc even though i don't have a summer break as if i were in school, there's a lot going on and i want to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to partake in it, y'know? well, that's all for now. hopefully i'll have another update before the end of the month haha. until next time. be safe.

April 2024

April 1, 2024

Well, It's April. the rest of march passed pretty smoothly, i think. spent the weekend of easter/tdov with my nesting partner and our girlfriend at her apartment while her roommate was out of town, which was VERY nice. got my ass beat at mario party by Hard Yoshi. but now i am back to work. the eclipse is next week, and i'm gonna try to do smth witchy for that since i don't have it off but i DO have the day after off. maybe i'll set out my supplies for my devotional potion bottle thing for the eclipse and then finally sit down and make the bottle itself the next day... i have all the things i need finally, just need to actually sit down and do it. in other news, i just had a thought that stopped me stone cold in my tracks, which was 'i don't like to blog/journal a lot bc if i sit down and start Thinking About Things i get Morose' which like. would make sense if i were still in wv in my dead end job under my mother's thumb but. i'm doing so much better why does Stopping and Thinking get me so down, Still!!!! if i just let things wash over me and act as a passive recipient of my own life i'm generally fine, but it's when i stop to think that things get... muddy. WHY IS THAT. ough. things are mostly fine though. i still need to do my taxes oops, which i'm going to try my best to do tomorrow. turbotax wasn't cooperating with my browser, i think it just doesn't like firefox. i listened to some neat new songs recently. need to put em on the music recs page. catch ny'all next time. be safe.
March 2024

March 24, 2024

aaaaAAAA FUCK IT'S ALMOST APRIL. where did this month go................. i feel like i didn't do much this month, but i guess i did? had mine and lazer's 10 year anniversary (had mexican and narrowly avoided hella thunderstorms), spent time with friends, spent time with partners... worked a ton lmao even though they're cutting hours. plus my neopets hyperfixation came back with a VENGEANCE haha. also having my 2 year subetaversary in a day or two so i get another pet slot... hehe. mentally i am. here i guess. very Ough but here. not entirely depressed Yet but i could fall into it Very Easily i'm ngl. maybe if i work on my site more i'll feel better but the things i need to do are Big-ish (my shrines primarily and also my furby collection which i have Plans for (going to take instax pix of them and then take pixs of those with my phone and upload them :3)) but it's just getting the Energy to Actually Do It. that's still my whole thing is that once i'm off work i don't have energy and i feel i can't really START anything before work bc i don't have TIME. and most days off are either spent with people or spent recovering from the week. so it's just like. Aa. i'm trying!!! i really am!!! i'm just so tired all the time and they can't find anything wrong with me beyond like. mild sleep apnea lmao. ough. it is what it is but like can it be something else. well. thatse it i guess. catch me whenever i update this next, ideally either next sunday or sometime this week but We'll See.