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short and simple little one page blog. zonelets is nice but 2 many steps for me to update consistently, hence: this! click to view older entries or don't i'm not ur boss.

July 18, 2024

helloooooo it's me silas. two updates in one month? wao. anyway, the put-in-bay trip was AMAZING until the last 30 minutes or so of it (i'll get to that). we spent pretty much the whole day saturday on the island and oh my god it was AMAZING??? like a midwest adult disneyworld. drank a bunch and swam some. we were in a bar when we found out tr*mp got shot and started hooting and hollering before the unfortunate news that it was minor. also had the BEST crepes of my entire life. then sunday on the way home we went hiking near perrysville, ohio for two miles. also apparently the place we went hiking looks like a dick on google maps which is EXTREMELY FUNNY TBH. then we went to grandpa's cheesebarn which definitely lives up to the hype!!! got a banger monte cristo sandwich there.

on the way back home, however, is where things went south. we were maybe 30 minutes from home, IN our city just on the interstate, and it started to rain. in addition, traffic was real stop and go. and, well, with the rain making the pavement wet, gf tried to stop but the car didn't cooperate and we ended up rearending the car in front of us :( everyone was okay and the car in front of us was like not damaged at all lol. gf's car however did not make it out unscathed and in fact ended up being just barely totaled. so like her dad has her on his aaa plan right? so we call aaa and we're waiting for a towtruck. and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and etc. we wait for like 3 hours with no towtruck. so gf has her mom and sister come get me and our luggage and take stuff and me home. i get an update an hour later when nesting partner finally gets home that THEY HAD CANCELED THE TOWTRUCK WITHOUT TELLING US initially which is why we were waiting so damn long!!! fuck aaa all my homies hate aaa. they reordered it and it came but like. cmon. Cmon.

i'm back to work which is Fine i guess. i have some wrestling this weekend to look forward to, including a no-ring show at a combination laundromat slash bar slash punk venue. and i have a concert (maybe more than one; still hashing that out!) to look forward to in october, as well as at least 2 zoombezi bay trips before then, so there's that at least!!!

well, that's it. thanks for reading and i hope y'all are staying safe!!! be well.

July 4, 2024

heyyyy it's me silas. not a whole lot has happened in the past week honestly. i'm currently at my gf's house chilling on her bed while she plays ffxiv since the new expansion came out. she's really liking it!! ;v; parallel play rules tbh..........

not doing anything today but next weekend me her and nesting partner are going up to put-in-bay + that area of the state for nesting partner's 30th birthday!! i'm REALLY excited bc i haven't been swimming yet this season + i've never been to da bay so i'm HYPE. THIS weekend, however, i am working 2pm-10pm for part of a shift and then our Controlled Substances Inventory where we count every control and update it in the system. somehow despite working here 7 years in october i've NEVER done this either so it'll be fun! probably!

i startd playing moonstone island bc i got it in the steam sale (along with, uh, several other games i haven't even started yet... oops), and i'm enjoying it a lot!!! i think it'd be even more fun with multiplayer (so would coral island tbh) but It Is What It Is.

short blog this time but i wanted to get Something out ya know? anyway, have a good day!! ;v;

June 2024

June 23, 2024

let's here it for one update a month!!! wooooo!!!! once again, not all good news. pet/animal death cw but we had to put down roommate's cat, Truck, whom we all absolutely adored. he was doing very badly for over a month and when roommate finally took him to the vet it was just. the kind thing to do at that point. we miss him terribly and despite feeling the void from not having a little guy in the house, we probably won't get another cat until we move next year. which. we're still planning to do. it'll be easier without pet fees and shit i reckon. but. ough. that one hurt. went into a depressive episode for a few days there but i'm feeling better now but it still hits me sometimes, esp as i slowly make moves to pack up all the cat stuff so it's out of the way. just washed his fountain this morning and just. Man. i miss that little guy.

but again, in better news. pride was nice. met some friends of friends (and their dog, who was the most adorable, muppet looking creature i've ever seen). also saw someone i Didn't want to see but she didn't recognize me and it is what it is. excited for comfest and put-in bay and zoombezi bay and all sorts of stuff coming up this summer. no-ring wrestling show at a laundromat slash bar slash punk venue! how bout that.

i bought a lil planner for 8/24-12/25 and i hope i can actually make myself use it bc. one it's really cute (hello kitty) and two i REALLY need to get my shit together when it comes to like. remembering plans and dates and stuff ough.

i don't really know what else to say rn. hope ny'all are doing well. peace.
May 2024

May 22, 2024

wow two updates in one month? who could have seen this coming! anyway... not all good news unfortunately. one of my patients passed away and i haven't been able to stop thinking about her. she was only in her 40s, but she had cancer and ultimately it took her life. she was a black wlw with a wife and kids and just. god. i feel so bad. i remember when she was first diagnosed, when she first went to the er and they gave her things for fucking constipation bc they didn't find it... maybe if they had she'd still be alive. i don't know. and then someone who i was friends with on subeta (a virtual pet/avatar site, think a combo of gaiaonline and neopets) passed away earlier in the year. i wasn't SUPER close to her but her presence was comforting seeing her all the time on the forums and stuff... a reminder that i still have Issues with death that i need to get over/past, because my brain just gets STUCK on this kind of stuff and i can't think of anything else for a while and i get depressed and etc. i've gotten a LOT better about it over the years, especially since i started working in retail pharmacy and have had to face the deaths of my patients over the years. but it's still hard, even 7 years in. maybe it's bc she was so young that it's fucking me up so bad.

in better news, i do have some things to look forward to this summer! took days off for pride and comfest in june, and in july me, lazer, and lucy (my nesting partner and our gf) are going to put-in bay for a small weekend getaway!! i've never been before, so i'm real excited about that. speaking of never been, i'm also making plans with friends to go to zoombezi bay, a big-ass waterpark attached to our local zoo, this year, bc i've ALSO never been but have always REALLY wanted to go. AND not to mention things like farmer's markets and the like. got a busy summer ahead of me! and that's good, i think. until next time, be safe, ny'all!

May 12, 2024

ah fuck where did the time GO. god. i want to update this more than once a month but it's really looking like it'll be, uh, maybe about once a month lol. anyway, let's see. went to an indie wrestling show (two in fact) (one of which ended up being the promotion's last show unfortunately) and enjoyed it immensely, as always. one of the shows was on the funny weed day. it was also the birthday of a very important person to me who passed a few years ago at the beginning of the month and i'm still mildly wracked with guilt that i didn't do anything for it... what else. got obsessed with a lim operator in arknights (who Thankfully i already pulled) bc the event fleshed her out a ton and i love her and her autistic brother. i also got some neato art of prophet, some cute lil icons!! gonna upload those here in a minute. work has been... Fine. y'know. it's what it is. i guess i'm really looking forward to the summer bc even though i don't have a summer break as if i were in school, there's a lot going on and i want to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to partake in it, y'know? well, that's all for now. hopefully i'll have another update before the end of the month haha. until next time. be safe.
April 2024

April 1, 2024

Well, It's April. the rest of march passed pretty smoothly, i think. spent the weekend of easter/tdov with my nesting partner and our girlfriend at her apartment while her roommate was out of town, which was VERY nice. got my ass beat at mario party by Hard Yoshi. but now i am back to work. the eclipse is next week, and i'm gonna try to do smth witchy for that since i don't have it off but i DO have the day after off. maybe i'll set out my supplies for my devotional potion bottle thing for the eclipse and then finally sit down and make the bottle itself the next day... i have all the things i need finally, just need to actually sit down and do it. in other news, i just had a thought that stopped me stone cold in my tracks, which was 'i don't like to blog/journal a lot bc if i sit down and start Thinking About Things i get Morose' which like. would make sense if i were still in wv in my dead end job under my mother's thumb but. i'm doing so much better why does Stopping and Thinking get me so down, Still!!!! if i just let things wash over me and act as a passive recipient of my own life i'm generally fine, but it's when i stop to think that things get... muddy. WHY IS THAT. ough. things are mostly fine though. i still need to do my taxes oops, which i'm going to try my best to do tomorrow. turbotax wasn't cooperating with my browser, i think it just doesn't like firefox. i listened to some neat new songs recently. need to put em on the music recs page. catch ny'all next time. be safe.
March 2024

March 24, 2024

aaaaAAAA FUCK IT'S ALMOST APRIL. where did this month go................. i feel like i didn't do much this month, but i guess i did? had mine and lazer's 10 year anniversary (had mexican and narrowly avoided hella thunderstorms), spent time with friends, spent time with partners... worked a ton lmao even though they're cutting hours. plus my neopets hyperfixation came back with a VENGEANCE haha. also having my 2 year subetaversary in a day or two so i get another pet slot... hehe. mentally i am. here i guess. very Ough but here. not entirely depressed Yet but i could fall into it Very Easily i'm ngl. maybe if i work on my site more i'll feel better but the things i need to do are Big-ish (my shrines primarily and also my furby collection which i have Plans for (going to take instax pix of them and then take pixs of those with my phone and upload them :3)) but it's just getting the Energy to Actually Do It. that's still my whole thing is that once i'm off work i don't have energy and i feel i can't really START anything before work bc i don't have TIME. and most days off are either spent with people or spent recovering from the week. so it's just like. Aa. i'm trying!!! i really am!!! i'm just so tired all the time and they can't find anything wrong with me beyond like. mild sleep apnea lmao. ough. it is what it is but like can it be something else. well. thatse it i guess. catch me whenever i update this next, ideally either next sunday or sometime this week but We'll See.