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Internet Resources

a plethora of resources to make your time on the internet better!!

  • Marginalia Search: to quote the website itself, "This is an independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, and attempts to show you sites you perhaps weren't aware of in favor of the sort of sites you probably already knew existed." FANTASTIC for older, more fringe content.
  • GifCities: The GeoCities Animated GIF Search Engine: searches old GeoCities sites for gifs, EXTREMELY fun to do tbh.
  • Wiby Search Engine: similar to Marginalia, Wiby also searches specifically for older pages.
  • Zonelets: a "simple, free blogging engine for everyone" that you construct yourself from pre-given html, so you're not beholden to Big Internet for your blogging needs!
  • Collection of 88x31 Web Buttons: what it says on the tin! a collection of user buttons from neocities and links to archives of tons of classic and classic-style newer buttons!
  • capstasher's 88x31 Web Button Collection: again, what it says on the tin! another extensive collection of buttons!
  • Pirating/Torrenting Guide by Velvet: possibly the crown jewel of this page, a guide by neocities user easyussr/tumblr user stinkyhat about how to get set up with torrenting and pirating media, which in this day and age, is almost a moral imperative.
  • 90's Cursor Effects: 90's style cursor effects updated to be as minimally intensive as possible for modern use!
  • HTML CSS Javascript - Free Online Editor and Tools: What it says in the tin! Preview things in browser, free tutorials, templates, you name it!
  • John Doe Template: a free template for websites!
  • Ichigo Directory: directory of cute pixel sites!
  • make your own blinkies!
  • RV's Free DHTML and Javascript Effects: more cool effects for your site!
  • Velvetyne Type Foundry: free open source fonts!
  • Mydora: Listen to a ton of lost MySpace music in a radio format! Or...
  • lostmyspace: up and download individual songs or artists!
  • Nine Inch Nails Fonts: Want a bunch of Nine Inch Nails fonts used in various album art/material/etc? Here you go!
  • EggRamen CSS Test Pages: want a cool theme for your webpage but aren't great at coding? Use these, and edit them to your heart's desire! (just remember to leave credit somewhere!)
  • Iconian Fonts: free fonts by Dan Zadorozny!!
  • Dr. Link Checker: checks your website for dead links! very handy!
  • markdown PLUS: used primarily for cohost in order to easily use markdown in posts there!! not sure if it works other places yet, haven't tried.
  • Typodermic Fonts Inc.: free professional fonts for personal use!
  • Retro CSS Frameworks.: really cool retro-styled css for use!
  • visual builder: javascript gallery generator/builder!
  • The Quick ‘n’ Dirty Guide to Making a Website (2022): FANTASTIC guide on how to get your own website started up, including hosting, building it, and more!
  • Webpage Archive: i have been told this is a more reliable version of (i.e. bypassing paywalls and similar), so i'm including it here!!
  • Just Beam It: very good file-sending site with no limit! you stay on the page while the other person downloads the file!
  • Anna's Archive: as the site itself says: "Search engine of shadow libraries"!
  • TEMPLATERR: to quote the site: "Navigation tools and simple layouts for starting out with neocities." VERY handy things here!!
  • Yay genderform!: make your own little graphic proclaiming various (mostly gender/sexuality-related) things about you!
  • All Online Tools in “One Box”: an absolute FUCKTON of tools, including ones for images, social media, text, coding... the list goes on and on!
  • Single Filter OC Directory by gildedware: do you have ocs? wanna sort em on your webpage? use this!!
  • ayano's neocities comment widget!: i haven't utilized this myself yet, solely due to laziness, but it looks AMAZING!! a comments widget for neocities that you only have to use google forms for! :O
  • Merch Table: wanna switch from streaming to building up a collection of music again? start here! scans your spotify playlists and shows you who has bandcamp profiles you can buy from!
  • Cheshire's Easy HTML/CSS Tutorial: very basic but very thorough and good tutorial for basic html and css!!!
  • Catbox: image and file-hosting site!! includes nsfw images!
  • Postimages: another image-hosting website that i've heard good things about!
  • Static Gallery Generator: a fork of J Sanderson's gallery generator by kalechips! includes options for alt text/image descriptions, among other things!
  • Melon's Gallery Maker!: another gallery maker, this time by melonking of neocities fame!
  • MyArtGallery: yet another gallery maker, by neocities user astrossoundhell!
  • Topsters: create charts showcasing your favorite games! themed lists of music albums! all in a nice easy to use format!
  • FileBot: rename and organize your media, primarily tv/movies/anime!
  • Downloader: heard of the original character art/lit depository maybe store some of your ocs there? need to download all their art (and possibly lit? unsure) in a jiffy? use this tool here!
  • Busy Beaver Button Museum: a smorgasbord of vintage pinback button pngs! this goes here and not in misc. links for the fact that you could absolutely pop a lot of these on a page just like a blinkie!
  • Windows 98 CSS: wanna make your website look like it came straight out of win98? use this! also comes in win95 and win7!!!
  • Froggy Chore: a handy, simple little website that makes chore/to-do lists! i haven't utilized it (yet!), but i entirely plan to!
  • The Neocities RSS guide: extremely simple guide to making an RSS feed for your site!! manually updated, in this case. i'm using it right now!
  • Fraidycat: my preferred rss reader! since i quit twitter (lol) and won't use bluesky, this is a good way to keep up with people and companies i want to keep up with!
  • How to Live Without Google and Other Evil Tech Giants: a privacy and ethics-focused look at alternative software/hardware/etc to google et al.
  • IT'S FREE REAL WEBSITE!: MAKE YOUR OWN WEBSITE: another REALLY good how to make your own website, website!
  • Blinkie Obsession: genuine mid2000s blinkies!! tons of them!
  • Infinite Mac: Transgender Forum: as outlined here, a CD of a 90s-era trans forum!!! viewable here or on!!
  • Make an open book with only CSS/HTML: awesome little tutorial of how to make a page look like an open book!
  • Google Drive - Audio Link Extractor: "This lets you turn a public Google Drive "Shared Link" into a direct-link (download link). This can be used to play audio/video elements on an HTML page while sourcing the file directly from your Google Drive." neat!
  • Cloudhiker: Remember stumbleupon? this is apparently the spiritual successor! click a button and end up on a random, vetted site!
  • Youtune: a stream of lesser-viewed songs on youtube! REALLY neat
  • Web Templates Zone Archive: a horde of old web layout templates from a now-defunct website!
  • Flashlight: create a flashlight type effect on your page!
  • Flash Guide: a short guide of how to publish flash animations/games on your website! flash isn't dead, babey!
  • Using CSS to create a CRT: use css to create a crt effect on your site! try it out! Now.
  • How to Get Colored Scrollbars on Firefox: what it says on the tin! looks FANTASTIC!!!
  • clay.css by Adrian Bece: extremely cute css package that i'd LOVE to mess around with sometime!! give your divs a cute clay-like appearance!
  • mixtape garden: found on cohost, "how it works is you make an account, make a mixtape, and then you (or anyone else!) add seven youtube videos to it. once the seventh has been added, the tape is magically converted to a single, crossfaded mp3 that you can stream or download." REAL neat, reminds me of anyone else remember that
  • Music-Map: pop in the name of a musical artist you like, and this little tool will bring up a web of artists that other people who like the original artist, also like, with proximity indicating how similar/related the bands are and how much you make like them if you like the original artist!
  • FMHY: 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
  • Bunny Fonts: like the utility of google fonts but want something less, privacy invading and gdpr compliant? use this!
  • nekoweb: brand new neat little alternative to neocities for webhosting! may go invite-only in the future
  • Deploy to Neocities: a tutorial on how to use the 'deploy to neocities' github action! which means you can back up your site and/or use another host as a mirror of your current site, should you wish!
  • Code Snippets By Hillhouse: a bunch of neat little codes you can use for your site!
  • Phoenix Code Editor: edit code from within your browser, and see how it looks on the side! an offshoot of, very handy!
  • candy.css: much like clay.css above, this gives your divs and such a new life, this time in a sleek web 2.0 fashion!
  • Filmot: used to search within subtitles and captions on youtube vids! haven't used yet but seems EXTREMELY handy!!
  • THE 88×31 ARCHIVE: yet another archive of oldweb buttons, this time specifically from geocities!