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adj. relating to or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

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a pink yellow and blue maneki neko with horns and a devil tail holding a big gold coin and wearing sunglasses Howdy ny'all! My name is Silas! I'm a nonbinary trans man in my early 30s and really, REALLY wanted a site for myself that isn't apart of the global internet zeitgeist monopoly, so here I am! I'll be posting about things like my furbsona, Prophet (whom you can learn about here), tarot and witchcraft, media I'm into, pharmacy, cool links, and lots of other cool stuff! So take a look around and make sure to sign the guestbook and check out my affiliates!!

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July 2, 2024
  • updated now page
  • added several articles
  • added some graphix + revamped graphix page!
  • added + removed some ocs + their pages to the oc directory
  • revamped some but not all oc pages (i'm working on it)
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