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adj. relating to or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

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(last updated: 7/18/24)
  • seasonal: today is a lot nicer weather-wise than it has been...
  • work: still waiting for my cpr card... :hmm: also helping with a controlled substance inventory this weekend...
  • website: updated some oc stuff bc i'm Indecisive on what ocs i wanna keep working with and which ones are Retiring (For Now)
  • playing: 1000xRESIST is ABSOLUTELY still my game of the year tbh. haven't gotten all the endings yet but i am Working On It. moonstone island also good
  • watching: trying to watch more video essays especially while i fold laundry
  • reading: tfw put moon reader pro on my phone and my ass STILL isn't reading at work. Man. i'm trying okay?
  • listening: "Stupid (Can't run from the urge)" - underscores, "End Eric Sparrow and the Life of Him" - Hot Mulligan
  • planning: put-in-bay trip is PLANNED OUT, zoombezi bay trips are still up in the air but we Gotta figure that out SOON so i can get tickies.
  • backburner: unfortunately my witchcraft, STILL. :pensive:
  • excited For: still Bury Your Gays, put-in-bay trip, the zoombezi bay trips!!
  • health: i've reached an equilibrium of caffeine intake with my adderall xr where i'm waking up + going to bed earlier and sleeping better for it? i'll take it i guess.
  • feeling: a perpetual state of It Is What It Is
a furby anthro/furry in a hat, rainbow tanktop, pineapple shorts, and green crocs