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(last updated: 4/2/24)
  • seasonal: FINALLY DID MY TAXES. it WAS a firefox thing unfortunately :/ but they're Done and i'm Slightly Sick To My Stomach at how much i spent last year on medical stuff (between meds & the two carpal tunnel surgeries i had to have last year...) but It Is How It Is
  • work: update on this too: the 'one 45 minute video' i had to watch for senior certification is actually THREE 45 minute vidoes lol..... so i've got 1/3 watched and noted, got 2 hours in the next two weeks at work to sit down and watch them and take notes and get them DONE. still gotta renew CPHT and state reg but, whatever. i have til the end of the month it's Fine.
  • website: redid my blog page! to not use zonelets anymore bc it's like, zonelets is nice but it's a bit too much work for what i want out of a blog.
  • playing: started a solo save file on Stardew Valley after playing multiplayer with Niko and i'm HOOKED omg.
  • watching: not much really. mostly NorthernLion lol
  • reading: "seventy eight degrees of wisdom" by rachel pollack and "devil house" by john darnielle Still Still (OOPS). OK LISTEN i have a plan where i'm gonna charge one of my kindles and take it to work to read during lunch. i just have to, uh, actually do that hah.
  • listening:"Butcher Vanity / Xi Yi" by Vane Lily ft. ricedeity and Jamie Paige SLAPS sorry for not being immune to cannibalism as love imagery.
  • planning: still goals i guess. but a bit less fervently.
  • backburner: basically everything 😩 work's been beating my ass ngl. at least i started using my cpap again. THIS STILL LMAOOOO oops. work life balance in the shitter.
  • excited For: still the new albums, also the new Chuck Tingle book Bury Your Gays tbh. i have not yet read Camp Damascus but i've heard good things!
  • health: the steroid shot did not work long term so i need to message my hand dr again :(
  • feeling: It Is What It Is
a furby anthro/furry in a hat, rainbow tanktop, pineapple shorts, and green crocs