Name: Angel Abernathy (fka B. Sizemore)
Age: 32 • 8/24
Gender: Nonbinary, vaguely transfem • they/them
Height / Build: 6'4" • broad but wiry
Ethnicity: White
Hometown: Gilead, MS, USA
Orientation: Demisexual
Occupation: Artist
Created: 2016


  • art, both digital and traditional, their primary job
  • baking
  • gardening
  • carpentry & woodcarving
  • blackberries
  • good luck charms
  • candles
  • alligators
  • spicy food
  • mirrors
  • has schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, and has experienced it from a young age including manic/depressive episodes and delusions/hallucinations (primarily religious and fire related)
  • was manic and carving a bust of themself that they'd then set on fire when they had a hallucination of THEMSELF being on fire and grabbed the flaming bust and had to be put out by their family; their hands are completely burn scarred bc of it, but they wear gloves most of the time (also experience chronic pain in hands due to this)
  • smokes but is trying to quit
  • has pyromaniac tendencies but generally only burns in a controlled area/burns things that they carve
  • Ainsley helped them figure themself out/transition

(old design) art by chell