Name: Dave Cavanaugh
Age: 30 • 6/9
Gender: Cis male • he/him
Height / Build: 6'0" • 222lbs
Ethnicity: White
Hometown: Charleston, WV, USA
Orientation: Gay
Occupation: Wrestler/Pharmacy Technician
Created: 2010 or 2011


  • collecting vinyl
  • graphic design
  • scrapbooking (secret)
  • sewing/making clothes/wrestling gear
  • lo-fi music
  • horror comedies
  • helping people
  • corduroy
  • conspiracy theories
  • slime
  • had a HUGE crush on an ex-tag team partner who went to (insert big company here)
  • also a whole ass autism but doesn't realize it (oblivious)
  • lightweight when it comes to alcohol
  • drives a car from the 90s that looks like shit but somehow still runs perfectly
  • Bonafide Weirdness Magnet; weird out-there shit happens to him all the time and always has
  • inherited a house from a guy he's never met in the guy's will; the house is so badly constructed that it is alive (but they're lucky bc the house likes them)
  • does not believe in ghosts