Name: Persephone "Perse" Euphemia Yves Linworth
Age: 32 • 4/13
Gender: Transfem NB • sie/hir
Height / Build: 6'3" • spindly with a lil bit of muscle
Ethnicity: White
Hometown: Stratford-Upon-Avon, England
Orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Wrestler / former Stage Thespian
Created: 2019


  • taking care of hir pet albino ringneck dove, Dolly
  • collecting porcelain dolls
  • making clothing
  • acting, sometimes
  • romance poetry
  • hard liquor
  • body horror
  • roses
  • jumpscares
  • keeping secrets
  • sharing the spotlight
  • comes from a famous family of stage actors in England & used to be a prolific stage actor in hir own right but would get in conflicts; got into a fistfight with the guy sie was understudying once
  • got laughed out of hir posh British family for becoming a pro wrestler
  • they photoshopped hir face onto a picture of a clown and it hangs in their living room now and sie HATES it, clowns are a berserk button for hir
  • has a porcelain doll named Ophelia that sie dresses up like hir opponents as an intimidation tactic (sie makes the clothing)
  • hir hair is naturally red and eyes are naturally hazel

art by Nyallipop