Name: Ynyr Locke
Age: 36 • 6 Elisar
Gender: Cis male • he/him
Height / Build: 6'3" • wiry and lithe
Ethnicity: Skovlander
Hometown: Coalridge
Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: "Coal Miner" / Resurrectionist
Created: 2019-ish, revamped 2023


  • digging up bodies
  • getting dissected
  • pain
  • whisky
  • Oisin O'Malley
  • rich people
  • Whispers
  • the mines
  • "why does he have the same last name as Schrody?" they were originally related lmao ynyr was supposed to be llyw's like great-great-great grandpa for a rp but i retooled him for BITD-verse
  • has a Healing Factor and thus his benefactor (read: sugar daddy) Oisin O'Malley often dissects him for Science!

art by kmerolzzzz