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Writing, Comics, and Cartoons

Collection of web-hosted comics, cartoons, and writing I'm fond of.

  • Civilization V: Peace Walker: A Civ5 Let's Play... with a twist! Has MGS spoilers for basically all games, so if you haven't played all of the games, watch out. EXTREMELY fun/funny, I think about it at least once a week.
  • Nomen Ludi: FANTASTIC story about an old computer game the author used to play, and the quest to find its creator in order to finish the game.
  • The Enigma of Amigara Fault: The full Junji Ito horror manga... online! Definitely worth a read if you've never read it before, but big content warning for body horror.
  • Wrestling with Alienation: a short sci-fi story about pro wrestling.
  • the meathead perspective: a series of flash cartoons about the band Nine Inch Nails made by one guy! some stuff in them hasn't aged well but I still think of them fondly. the cartoons themselves are backed up here on youtube.
  • Little Green God Of Agony: a webcomic adaptation of the Stephen King short story of the same name, about a millionaire paraplegic, his nurse, and the reverend who promises to exorcise his pain...
  • His Face All Red: classic internet comic
  • 17776: What Football Will Look Like In The Future: Jon Bois' 2017 epic of what football will look like in the future. A must read even (and especially) if you're not into football.
  • NINWiki's Year Zero Research: In 2007, Nine Inch Nails released their Year Zero album, and a whole ass dystopian ARG alongside it. I was OBSESSED with this in high school. Definitely click around on the sites and the webarchived sites if you have time. Fantastic work by all here.
  • FULL CORE STATE NIHILIST: the first novella to be published in the (Disco) Elysium verse, fully translated for the first time! Mind the content warnings, primarily for slurs and general edginess.
  • Orville Peck Gives Me Gender Envy and What the Fuck am I Supposed to Do with That?: short partially illustrated poem that is all too real.
  • ATTACK DOG: first of all, nsfw! second of all, cws for gore and eye strain. third of all, this is the hottest shit i ever read.
  • Bastardo: an AWESOME comic about luchadors!! god i ADORE the colors in this comic. only two issues so far but they're both bangers!!
  • Why Don't We Just Kill the Kid In the Omelas Hole: short story that knocked me clear on my ass. Man.